What is a Marker in a Golf Tournament?

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The official rules state that every player in a golf tournament needs to have someone who will keep track of their score on each hole. This person is called a marker and it’s a very important role as recording an incorrect score can result in disqualification.

What are some of the duties of a marker during a golf tournament?

There is more to keeping score than you think. Here is a breakdown of what a marker needs to do:

Watch Every Shot

The only accurate way to keep score is to watch every shot played.

Count Each Stroke

To determine the score for each hole, you must keep track of the total number of strokes (including any penalty strokes, such as playing into a water hazard). Add these strokes together and you have the score for that hole.

Double Check

It’s always a good idea to confirm the score with that player, after each hole. Although it’s not technically a rule, it can be a great way to avoid any disagreements or confusion about the score later on.

Add & Sign

Once the round is complete, add the scores for each hole together to determine the player’s final score. Then sign the scorecard to make it official.

Swap Scorecards

What is a Marker in a Golf Tournament

Give the signed scorecard to the player, so they double-check the scores. Now that the scorecards have been confirmed by both players, they are ready to be handed in.

Can you mark your own card in golf?

No. You cannot mark your own card in an official golf tournament. This helps eliminate any potential cheating and upholds the integrity of the game.

Can you mark your own card in golf

What is a non competing marker golf?

A non-competing marker has the exact same duties as a regular marker, as explained above. However this time, they are not playing in the tournament themselves. They are simply there to keep score.

When a player has a solo tee time, they will be assigned a non-competing marker to play alongside them. As well as keeping score, this also helps establish the normal rhythm of the game.

What is a marker at the Masters?

After the 36-hole cut, if there is an uneven number of players remaining, a non-competing marker will play. They will keep the score of the player in last position, as well as play alongside them to help keep pace.

Who is Jeff Knox?

He’s an Augusta National member and a fan favorite. Since 2003 he has been called upon to be the non-competing marker in the Masters tournament.

What is the difference between a marker and a golf ball marker?

A marker is someone who keeps score and not to be confused with a golf ball maker, which is a small flat object designed for marking the position of a player’s ball on a putting green.

Do Professional Golfers Use The Same Markers Each Tournament?

No. Professional golfers don’t use the same person as a marker for each tournament. This is because players are typically assigned a marker at random, determined by the group of players in their pairing.

As a tournament progresses, cuts are made. This then creates new groups and therefore new markers assigned.